Créer un
Opéra Coopératif

La Fabrique Opéra accueille de nouveaux porteurs de projets
Vous partagez nos valeurs et souhaitez développer
le concept sur votre territoire ? C'est possible.

The great form :

The great Opera

The great opera form offered by La Fabrique Opéra follows the 4 innovations from the cooperative opera concept. It takes place in Zenith. The scope given to the event puts a spotlight on the project and federates a large volume of skills, talents, wishes from the territory.

Two important criteria: a sufficiently large area, great potential and the presence of a significant room to accommodate a cooperative opera.

The small form :

The Labopera

Due to its different artistic frame, a Labopera is less constraining than a great opera. It can be a series of operatic excerpts or even a creation around an existing opera, narrated and /or staged.

The Labopera can be produced with a lighter form, in smaller rooms. We can consider more representations in order to achieve a balanced economic model.

They stick to the backbone of the project, which guarantees our social values.

The main pillars of a Labopera are:

  • Educational: involvement of young people from technical institutions in the staging elements.
  • Artistic: a professional casting, a reduced orchestra, a shorter work with a French narration.
  • Budget: attractive rates and a reasonable budget.
  • Cultural: an educational site with the keys of the work.

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